1.         KEEPING WATCH

An easy, low tech way to make sure that your place is covered is by asking a trusted friend, neighbor or family member. Have them go over to your home several times a week just to check on everything. The best thing about this is that you might not need to pay them!



              Speaking of security, you also have the option of installing a security system. There is no better way to                         secure your home while you are away on vacation than a home alarm system. With the technology available,               at minimum you will be able to have a system with a control panel, door and window sensors, motion                           sensors, glass break sensors and often times these features can be monitored using your cell phone.


3.         STOP THE MAIL

            An overflowing mailbox and a pile of packages on the front step are clear indications that someone hasn’t                     been home for a while. It’s incredibly easy to stop your USPS delivery for any amount of time (up to 30 days)               and for the dates you specify. They even deliver your mail in a large bundle when you get home.



In our Instagram world, every vacation is instantly shared on the internet for the entire world to behold. It’s indeed tempting to post your photos right as you snap them and induce FOMO to your entire stream of friends. What that also does, however, is broadcast to the world that you aren’t home right now, and your stuff is ripe for the taking. So skip the photo-posting, checking in, and status updates like “Off to the airport!”


Feel free to share all your awesome pics, just wait until you’re home to do so.



While it seems like common sense, be sure to lock every single possible entry to your home, including deadbolts. While you may lock the main doors when you’re gone at work, there are surely windows and/or doors (such as into the garage or a second-floor deck) that usually stay unlocked or un-dead bolted. Before you leave for a vacation though, go through the house and lock absolutely every window and every door.




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